About the Artist


MONIQUE JANNETTE               





Birth: Dallas, Texas

Residence: Dallas, Texas

Gimphood: quadriplegia at age 17, cliff diving accident

Occupation: painter/artist, self-taught

Education: Bachelor of Science in Geology from U.T.A.; Doctorate in Jurisprudence from S.M.U.

Accomplishments: High School All American Diver; Two-time Paralympian, 1988 Seoul, Korea and 1992 Barcelona, Spain

Former lives: pianist, international competitor in springboard and platform diving, geologist, paralympian, and attorney


….instruments of creation:

paint brushes, fingertips, q-tips, oils, acrylics, pastels, ink, glazes, canvas, wood and paper


…. inspiration:

life experiences, desires, paralysis, pain, music, the human body, creatures, travels, current events and all artists in all mediums---famous and not so famous


…. driving force to create:

to invite pleasure.